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Hello, and welcome to Laurie Beth's Grotto! I hope to create an environment that incorporates marketing, some free advertising for entertainment and blogs that I find relevant, and links to non-profit organizations that will be of value to the (approximately) 18-40 age demographic--a diverse, ambitious and intriguing group of people struggling in a slow-to-recover economy.

We children of Baby Boomers are often separated into nonsensical categories like Generations X, Y and Z (or Generation "Next," the "Me" generation, "Yuppies," the "Google" or "MySpace" generation, the "New Silent" generation, etc.), all designed to depict us as divided, selfish and devoid of compassion. In actuality, we should be a united front resisting such division and pushing for social and scientific progress. I firmly believe that rather than being deadened by our new found technology, we can use it to connect with one another and share information. Social media has become a great passion of mine over the past several years, and it has afforded me many opportunities and invaluable friendships.

I am available for freelance and contract work in the areas of public relations, social media, ghostwriting, blogging, corporate writing and copyediting. You can view my LinkedIn page here.

I invite you to learn with me as I navigate these crazy Interwebs, and I'm hopeful that I can provide a helpful and useful place to visit. Read my editorials here, visit the blog here, and if you're on Twitter and enjoy the site, please click the tweet button at the top of this passage, and follow @TheGrottoTweets. Thank you, and enjoy your stay!


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