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Articles reflecting on the various characteristics and goals of Generation XYZ. I do not necessarily endorse the opinions held by the authors.

Generation Z: Rebels With A Cause - by Emily Anatole for Forbes, 05/28/2013

Why Kids Today Have It Worse Than Their Parents - by Ben Casselman for The Wall Street Journal, 07/25/2012

Generation Sell - by William Deresiewicz for The New York Times, 11/12/2011

Generation Y is tired of crying - by Kayla Greenwell for The Times of Northwest Indiana, 10/24/2011

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Gen X Has a Midlife Crisis - by A.O. Scott for The New York Times, 05/07/2010

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7 Myths about Generation X - by Dave Sohigian for The Gen X Files, 06/10/2009

It pays to know your XYZ - by Ray Beatty for The Herald Sun, 06/10/2008

Gen-X: The Ignored Generation? - by M.J. Stephey for Time Magazine, 04/16/2008

Generation X and The Millennials: What You Need to Know About Mentoring the New Generations - by Diane Thielfoldt and Devon Scheef for The American Bar Association, August 2004.

Debt-squeezed Gen X saves little - by Lynn O'Shaughnessy, Special for USA TODAY, 05/23/2008

Finding Political News Online, the Young Pass It On - by Brian Stelter for The New York Times, 03/27/2008

Why We Should be Grateful for Gen Y - by Penelope Trunk for Yahoo! Finance, 07/11/2007

Understanding Generation Y - by Sophia Yan for The Oberlin Review, 12/08/2006

What Gen Y Really Wants - by Penelope Trunk for Time Magazine, 07/05/2007